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Cobalt Condos Active Listings

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Cobalt Condos are an eye-catching modern  building  with blue reflective glass that blends in with the sky. Cobalt Condos have a modern feel which is extended to the inside with stunning views through the floor-to-ceiling windows and high-end contemporary finishes.  This building is home of some of the nicest condos in the Northeast area.

What we know about Cobalt Condos:
◾ Guest typically use the lunds parking lot to park short term.
◾ Residents have their own private access to the Lunds grocery store.
◾ Each unit owner has their own storage unit.
◾ Dry cleaning services and a pharmacy are also on the 1st floor.
◾ Caribou Coffee is also located in the building outside of the Lunds checkout.

Note: Rentals in this building are very hard to come by. The reason is obviously because most of the home owners live in the units they own making rental availability slim pickings. Renters need to understand the true value to this. You pay a higher premium for rent vs apartments because traffic is less. The risk of renter dilapidation is much lower because the pride factor truly does exists in buildings mostly owner occupied.


Neighborhood: Saint Anthony Main  

Number of Units:  107 

No of Floors: 10

Year Built: 2006                       

Rental Cap: None

Min Lease Term: 12 Months       

Rental Application Fee: $78

Move in Fee: $400, $200 Refundable                     

Sq ft Low: 866               

Sq Ft High: 4228

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