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Calumet Lofts Active Listings

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Calumet Lofts a pet-friendly residential building located in Northeast Minneapolis, home to many popular bars and restaurants.  This converted warehouse offers traditional lofts. As a result they feature polished concrete floors, exposed beams, brick and duct-work and many upgraded features.

Furthermore, Things most people don't know:

◾ No guest parking is offered. Guest therefore have to park on the street at metered parking. It's a quarter per 15 min or 10 min during game days.
◾ It is located very close to Lund's grocery store. 3 blocks away.
◾ The building is located next to a rail line.


Neighborhood: Saint Anthony Main    

Number of Unit: 35   

No of Floors: 3

Year Built: 1913 

Year Converted: 2004                           

Rental Cap: None     

Rental Application Fee: $78

Move in Fee: $100

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